Draw oil from your tank safely with the Atkinson Tanktop, Top Offtake System

Leading the way into the world of Top Offtake, the Atkinson Tanktop is the worlds first and only Top offtake device with all of the necessary features and functions to responsibly draw oil from the top of a tank.   EC Reg. Des. No: 000472493-0001.

This innovative product has all the components required for drawing fuel oil from the top of the storage tank in one unit (no joints to leak oil out or air in). It incorporates all of the following into one neat, easy to install, unit:

Floating Suction Head

Surface Gasket

Floating Suction Tube (1.6M)

Anti-spill Valve

Tank Inlet Fitting 1" BSPM

Non Return Valve

Purging / Priming Button

50 Micron Filter

Diaphragm Anti-siphon Valve

Totally Waterproof

With Top Offtake it is imperative that joints are well made so with only one joint to make, the Atkinson Tanktop is the answer to an Engineer's dream.

This product draws on over 40 years experience of manufacturing products for the oil heating market. The product incorporates an anti-siphon valve to prevent fuel siphoning from the tank in the event the oil line is broken thus avoiding environmental pollution (incurring heavy fines and clean-up costs).

Designed for the 21st century, where the demand is for a system that avoids breaching the bund on an oil storage tank and thus minimising the risk of environmental pollution, as supported by the Environment Agencies and OFTEC.

Now with 10mm push-fit hydraulic connector for simple fitting (blue connector shown in photograph) inside the restrictive space of the bund - simply push the 10mm oil pipe into place. No screwing and making the joint air-tight required whatsoever.